Porter’s Healthsphere provides employees with resources for managing their healthcare. By providing Porter as part of their health benefits package, employers will improve employee satisfaction and retention as healthcare is an influence on a positive company culture.

  • Proactively using the tools within the Healthsphere, employers reduce self-funded employee healthcare costs, turnover, absenteeism, diminished productivity, stress, and burnout.
  • Porter seamlessly integrates into employers’ current employee health benefits, adding value to those existing offerings for both new and future employees.
  • The Healthsphere gives employees the tools needed for self-assessment and health management, while supporting them through any injury or illness.

Porter provides Employers’ HR department and Employee Assistance Program Staff with administrative and reporting tools providing insight into utilization patterns and outcomes data.

Who We Serve


Porter connects members with the services, products, support, and knowledge they need to successfully transition to care-at-home through an AI-enhanced personalized platform.


Porter builds trust between payer and consumer, increases customer retention and satisfaction, and provides a higher-quality consumer experience than traditional payer/consumer interactions.


Porter gives providers the ability to facilitate the transition to care-at-home, curate services and products for members to purchase, and reshape their experience across the care continuum.


Porter premium membership presents a compelling benefit for health plans and employer groups to offer to employees.


Porter offers partners the opportunity to transition to value-based care and ease how members manage their care-at-home.

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