We Combine the Power of Analytics with the Power of Care

A compassionate Care Coordination program anchored to Quality Stars and Risk Adjustment.
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Care Coordination Redefined

Porter simplifies the way your members navigate their care by connecting the separate silos of health from scheduling appointments to securing DME.

Quality and Star Ratings First

We understand the needs of your health plan and enhance the level of care for targeted members that can have the greatest impact on Quality and Star Ratings.

Coordinated Gap Closure

Porter delivers a comprehensive care visit addressing quality, risk, and care gaps for your most at-risk Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and ACA Commercial members.

Reduced Readmissions
We secure the support needed for your members heal properly and manage their post-acute care with ease in the comfort of their own home.

Who We Serve

Porter creates a symphony of health management for payers, providers, and those under their care.

By coordinating the complexities of each unique care journey, Porter harmonizes the fragmented care silos and closes the gaps for members with the largest impact on quality measures, total cost of care, risk adjustment, and member experience.

  • The Care Guide Difference
  • Personalized Interventions 
  • Getting More From Your In-Home Assessments
  • Quality and Risk Adjustment Gap Closure
  • Health Navigation Made Easy

Your Care Guide and Porter 360 create a cocoon of compassion by navigating your journey through the confusing healthcare system, securing at-home services and equipment, and empowering you with the knowledge to be your own care advocate.

  • Support from the Comfort of Your Home
  • Health Navigation at Your Fingertips
  • Maximize Your Health Plan Benefits
  • Your Dedicated Care Guide
  • Care that Comes to You
  • Reclaim your Health 
  • Peace of Mind
We secure the support needed for your most vulnerable members to seamlessly transition from hospital to home while enhancing quality ratings and minimizing ER visits, hospitalizations, and avoidable readmissions.
  • In-Home Care Redefined
  • Easy Transition of Care
  • Reducing Readmissions
  • Risk Adjustment Gap Closure
  • Quality Gap Closure
  • Care Guide Oversight

Porter Care Guides

From Scheduling to Support,
Meet the Ultimate Care Companion

Discover a new level of care management with Porter’s Care Guides helping navigate the healthcare maze

Care Coordination that Closes Quality and Risk Gaps

The sole Care Coordination Program centered on addressing Quality Measures and Risk Adjustment Gaps.

Assessing and Addressing Barriers to Care

Handling barriers to care using data and analytics to drive informed decision-making and patient-centered interventions.

Facilitating Continuity of Care

Facilitating appointments with providers and imparting the wisdom needed for each step along the care journey.

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Condition-Specific Education

AI-driven health education resources provide a personalized learning experience that caters to each individual’s unique needs.

The Support Needed for Care at Home

Armed with coverage and eligibility knowledge, secure support ranging from in-home healthcare services to medical supplies and equipment.

Support for the Entire Care Circle

Constant communication to ensure that everyone involved in the care circle is informed, engaged, and empowered.

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In-home Assesments

Porter’s Healthy Home for Your Population

Get More from your In-Home Assessments

Porter identifies and acts to close the risk, quality, and care gaps with the largest impact on your plan’s bottom line.

Enhanced Lab Testing and In-Home Diagnostics
When entering your member’s home, our Clinical team administers the diagnostic tests needed to close gaps in care.
Intervention Matched to Your Members Needs

Porter matches the right intervention services (personnel, modality, and intensity) with each member’s unique needs.                    

Discreet and Convenient In-Home Lab Testing
White-labeled to match your plan’s branding, Porter delivers and administers the necessary lab testing for your members.

Healthcare without the Headaches

All-In-One Health Portal

Streamline how you manage your care from appointments to prescriptions.
Manage and Understand Appointments
Keep track of your appointment dates, identify your healthcare providers, and find out if it’s covered as an in-network or out-of-network.
Insight into Your Health Plan Benefits
Gain a complete understanding of your health plan benefits to maximize your available resources.
Condition-Specific Education
Explore customized health education materials, from articles to interactive tools, to enhance your knowledge and self-care.
Real Stories, Real Results
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