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Take the guesswork out of your health with the newest way to manage your care in one location.

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Securing Care from the Comfort of Your Home

With Porter, we change how you manage your care at home. We secure for you the medical equipment and support services you need to manage your care in the comfort of your own home. Our Care Guides connect you to the community services that are available, affordable, and even free of charge.

The Care Guide Difference

Our Care Guides navigate you through the healthcare maze by scheduling appointments with your primary care physician and specialists, providing education to better help you understand your conditions and health plan benefits, and securing the support needed for care at home. Porter’s Care Guides are not just here for you, but your entire care circle.
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Care that Comes to You

We understand the importance of aging in place and securing everything needed for you to do just that. Porter identifies the barriers to care that you have in your home and secures the support needed to overcome them. We connect you with services free to you throughout your community.

Health Navigation at Your Fingertips

Through our platform, you can manage your care in one location. Here, you can find a navigable knowledge journey of curated content and a safe, supportive online health community of peers and experts. You can access a marketplace of covered products and services needed for care at home and gain a better understanding of your eligible benefits, cost sharing, and deductibles.
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Maximize Your Health Plan Benefits

Our Care Guides will walk you through your health plan benefits and help you access all that is freely available to you. We educate you on the coverage status of items and services and the cost implications of in-network versus out-of-network care. We help you optimize your insurance benefits package.
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Reclaim Your Health Faster

We help you through your transition from hospital to home so you can focus on your recovery. The combination of continuous support from our Care Guides and virtual or at-home care from our clinicians will expedite your recovery.

Peace of Mind

Navigating the healthcare maze can be confusing and leads to costly errors that impact your wallet and your health. We make sure that you always know where the next step in your care journey is and help you save time, money, and avoid frustration.
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