At-Risk Providers

Secure the support needed for your most vulnerable patients to reduce hospitalizations and improve quality ratings.
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Redefining In-Home Assessments

Porter’s comprehensive In-home ADL/iADL assessment addresses quality and care coordination first. We perform a 360-degree evaluation of your patients, complete with in-home diagnostics and biometric screenings, as well as lab tests sent in advance to the patient’s home, collected onsite, and processed through our intermediary or by your preferred lab vendor. We not only identify gaps and barriers to care but appropriately address them.

Seamless Transitions of Care

We connect with your patients before they are discharged. We navigate them through the journey from hospital to home by securing the support needed for care at home, coordinating follow-up visits with your staff, and monitoring their health status for any changes.

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Reducing Avoidable Readmissions

By driving action at the referable moment, we ensure that your patients understand the next step in their care journey. With the proper support needed for care at home, expanded education on benefits and conditions, and appropriate follow-ups with primary care and specialist providers, we coordinate the patient’s care journey to reduce avoidable readmissions.

Unwavering Care Guide Support

Dedicated to each patient, the Care Guide assesses and addresses barriers to care, helps them understand their benefits eligibility, cost sharing, and deductibles, and coordinates their care. Through personalized, omnichannel engagement, our Care Guides mail laboratory testing before in-home assessments that streamline the visit and engage before and after to close the gaps and barriers identified, provide condition-specific education, and navigate their care journey by scheduling appointments with PCPs and specialists, securing the support for care-at-home, and help them understand their benefits. Our superior care coordination significantly impacts the quadruple-weighted member experience survey measures.
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Interventions Personalized to Match Your Patients Needs

Our Quality Stars and Risk Adjustment-focused approach is tailored to each of your patients. Porter matches the appropriate intervention services (personnel, modality, and intensity) with each patient’s unique needs and barriers. No matter the intervention, our Care Guides continuously support your patients with care coordination and member benefit navigation services across the continuum of care. Our AI-powered platform and virtual care coordination model allow for us to expand in-home care and address risk adjustment gaps, SDoH needs, and other barriers to care, all while improving member experience.

Quality Gap Closure

Your patients are changing their health plan expectations to desire a more meaningful patient experience. We close these identified gaps through our cross-functional initiatives. We understand your plan’s needs and determine the patients that are most likely to benefit from targeted interventions and support. By focusing time and resources on identified enrollees that have the largest impact on your plan’s overall performance in Star Ratings, we improve health outcomes and satisfaction.
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Risk Adjustment Gap Closure

Prospective risk adjustment activities allow your plan to capture the true risk of your population and address potential health problems before they become more serious and expensive to treat. Investing in your high-impact enrollees can result in cost savings by reducing the need for expensive medical procedures and hospitalizations. We identify and address risk-adjustable conditions and novel HCCs, and manage encounter facilitation by scheduling appointments.
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