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Porter Care Guides provide expert care coordination from scheduling appointments to securing in-home support

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Quality and Risk Focused Care Coordination

Porter Care Guides secure support for your members to manage their care in the comfort of their own homes to close all identified Quality and Risk gaps. We coordinate, schedule, and facilitate appointments, diagnostics, and lab tests.

Assessing and Addressing Barriers to Care

Our Health Risk Assessments and Care Guides determine barriers to care and arrange the appropriate interventions needed to close them. We perform a 360-degree evaluation of your members, complete with in-home diagnostics and biometric screenings. Lab tests are sent in advance to the member’s home, collected onsite, and processed through our intermediary or by your preferred lab vendor.
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Facilitating Continuity of Care

Your members are never alone in their journey. We guide them along the path from hospital to home. Our Care Guides work closely with your members to coordinate appointments with their PCPs and specialists and issue reminders to make sure they stay on track.

Condition-Specific Education

Our Care Guides are a trusted source of information for your members to understand their conditions and to find the support that is available to them. Each of your members is unique and their designated care guide will provide curated health information specifically tailored to them.
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Securing the Support Needed for Care at Home

We understand your member benefit package and help them access the benefits that were meticulously crafted for them. We can also help them procure covered medical equipment and services.

Empowering the Entire Care Circle

Your members are not alone in their care journey and Porter informs their entire care circle of the support available to them. We are not only there for your members, but their entire care team.

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In-Home Diagnostics and Lab Tests Facilitation

Lab and diagnostic testing are integral parts of understanding your member’s health status. Our Care Guides send out the lab kits, provide guided instruction on how to perform the test, and help with returning the testing materials to the responsible parties.
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