Porter Expands to Impact Risk Adjustment Through New Care at Home Intervention

When someone is going through a health crisis the last thing they need to use their energy for is tracking appointments, checking in with insurance, or finding the best treatments and research. They need to use their energy and time to focus on healing. Medical providers need their time and energy to focus on treating and caring for patients and not getting lost in the paperwork of transitioning or transferring patients. To provide the best personalized care and to allow patients time and energy to heal, Porter has developed the best care management software. This artificial intelligence (AI) based software takes the guess work out of the equation and allows all members of the healthcare team to focus on what truly matters, healing. 

One aspect of care management software is tracking and managing patient or member care. This includes providing members with peer reviewed treatment recommendations, reviews and information based on the criteria most important to them. With Porter, members can schedule appointments and coordinate transportation, meals and other necessary assistance. 

Payers benefit immensely from the use of care management software. With a management software in place, payers can expect to see a reduction in inpatient, outpatient and professional medical costs, improve member retention and drive growth, leverage existing risk adjustment investments and see an increase in quality improvement and member experience. Payers should consider the potential to improve the ROI of care management. Porter provides a robust set of administrative and reporting tools to provide line of sight to utilization patterns and outcomes data for health plan staff.

Care Management Systems 

Care Management Systems Provided Broader Insight to Overall Care

Providers can easily benefit from care management systems in [acf field=”state”] by utilizing a multitiered AI integrated system. A care management system can optimize the coordination of care across a hospital, practice, or ancillary care clinic. It can also centralize key aspects of patient care such as scheduling and charting, and personalize treatment planning to accurately determine the health status of a patient. A care management system can also allow case managers to facilitate clinical communication and collaboration more effectively, as well as deliver better post-discharge care. 

Porter is a comprehensive ecosystem of healthcare solutions existing in one, unified platform. In addition to the many services listed above, subscribers have access to: 

  • A navigable knowledge journey of curated content
  • Supportive online health community of peers and experts
  • Community and outcome harmonized service and product reviews
  • Outcome driven personalized recommendations
  • Financing options
  • Coverage Insights
  • Pricing and Insurance Coverage Information
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • In-Network Facilities and Providers
  • Leveraging federal mandates for payer transparency

Subscribers will have access to the 24/7/365 Porter Care Guide that will help them navigate the healthcare system and is a support to the entire family. They will be able to find and coordinate the right care and get help making educated decisions. The Guide also explains insurance benefits, coverage, processes and includes additional premium Porter services. 

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