Porter: A Benefit for Members with Congestive Heart Failure

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When someone is facing a life-altering health event, they want to focus on getting well. They do not want to spend their time and energy chasing down who can give them the best treatment, determining what insurance will cover, and learning how they can manage at home to keep themselves out of the hospital. For millions of Americans, though, this is exactly what happens every year.

According to 2015 to 2018 data from the American Heart Association, 6 million Americans over the age of 20 had heart failure. In a study where data from 2006- 2014 was analyzed, it is estimated that about 1.1 million Americans with HF were hospitalized with a total cost of over $11 billion dollars. With Medicare incurring the majority of this burden and the increasing number of aging US citizens, the cost of treating chronic conditions will continue to rise.

Porter’s unique platform was designed to benefit and support those with congestive heart failure and other heart failure conditions. Porter provides a flexible benefit designed to meet the unique needs of members and health plans and helps people connect with what they need to manage a chronic condition. Deploying Porters AI-based platform, payers can expect to see a

  • 54% average annual reduction in readmissions,
  • 18% reduction in inpatient Days
  • 12% reduction in inpatient, outpatient, and professional medical costs.

To demonstrate how Porter supports those with chronic health conditions, consider a scenario of a member who is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. When “Suzy” is released from the hospital, Porter moves into action by providing her with specific care disease management interventions targeted to her unique needs.

Porter first seeks to engage the member in their care and recovery by making access to their services simple and rewarding. The 24/7/365 Porter Care Guide offers Suzy a number of services once she is home.

Complete Care Coordination Experience from Porter

To further individualize her specific care and needs, Porter provides assessments, including a risk profile that allows the AI platform to create a personal profile. Porter provides access to curated, peer-reviewed articles specific to her condition, a safe online community where she can interact with peers, as well as personalized tools for maintaining medication regiments (Medication Adherence).

Porter’s intelligent AI-driven marketplace will offer suggestions for resources, services, and products (DME) that she may need or is required by her doctor. In this case, Suzy can have an RPM package consisting of a blood pressure cuff, digital scale and a tablet, if necessary, delivered to her home. These tools allow Suzy to communicate her status and readings to her care management team where her progress is monitored.

If Suzy’s care team should notice a concerning trend, her care team is poised with the data to offer the best intervention in the least amount of time. Through the continuous care and monitoring model Porter utilizes, the PCP, care management team and member are working together with the same information, on the same platform eliminating the chance of miscommunication. This leads to improved health and lower costs to payers.

With Porter, member engagement is boosted by rewarding participation in wellness components and reporting their progress. By providing and supporting members at home, Porter improves outcomes, promotes self-efficacy, and lowers total cost of care.

Porter's ROI

By utilizing Porter at home, payers will also see a 25% decrease in the average annual cost of ER visits associated with managing a member’s care.

Existing care navigation, patient advocacy or concierge companies are point solutions that focus only on limited time windows or events, covered items, and a subset of in-network providers. They lack the AI-driven insights of the Porter platform that drive better healthcare decisions and outcomes.

Porter supports the entire health journey. Our currency of trust drives action from patients and caregivers and in turn, directly benefits payers. Porter has created a platform that truly embodies and empowers others to live their motto; Everyone deserves to live their best life. Contact Porter today to become part of the movement changing the face of healthcare and changing lives.

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