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Get the care you need from the comfort of your home.
Home Doctor Visits
Our trained medical experts do yearly checkups at your house, making it easy to get Medicare screenings and supporting your well-being.
Appointment Management
We set up and handle your appointments with doctors and specialists to make sure you stay informed and in-network.
Benefits Breakdown
We help you use your health plan to the fullest and keep you informed about what it covers for your specific health needs.
Health Beyond Medicine
We help you with important problems that go beyond typical healthcare, like food, transportation, bills, and companionship.
Nurse hugging a senior in-home patient

Getting Prepared

What to Expect

Nurse hugging a senior in-home patient
If your health insurance provider has partnered with Porter, in 5 easy steps you will be ready to unlock a world of better care.
  1. Your Porter Care Guide will reach out to you via phone.
  2. We will review and support any immediate health needs
  3. We will schedule your in-home visit with your Porter Practitioner
  4. We will assist you in maximizing your health plan benefits
  5. We will support all your health needs for the next 30-Days

Everything Included

What You Get

Husband and wife looking at tablet smiling
Husband and wife looking at tablet smiling

Stay At Home

In-Home Assessments

Healthcare begins in the home. A Porter Practitioner Visit enables us to personalize the support you need. Here is what is included in this no-cost service, courtesy of your health plan:
  1. Over an hour of dedicated, 1-on-1 time with a licensed practitioner
  2. Comprehensive preventative diagnostic screenings and lab tests
  3. Professional assistance for any health-related questions
  4. Enhanced understanding of your home, community, medications, and health history
  5. Care Guide support provided, before and after each visit, to ensure your needs are met

About Porter Care Guides

Experience the Care Guide Difference

Your unwavering healthcare partner, a real human ready to listen and guide you through the complexities of care.
Care Coordination Experts

We schedule appointments with providers, identify specialists for your unique needs, and ensure you maintain an in-network status.

Health Beyond the Hospital

We address all issues that can affect your health, such as food insecurity, transportation, bills, and companionship.

Saves Time, Frustration and Effort

We handle the complex aspects of healthcare, managing care decisions, contacts, and payments, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Women on phone with care guide smiling
Maximizing Your Benefits

We keep you updated on the coverage status of needed services and supplies, ensuring you get the most out of your health plan benefits.

Complete Care Circle

We keep your entire support network informed and engaged throughout your health journey to ensure you are never alone in managing your care.

Listening with Compassion

We're here to ensure you're heard, understood, and empowered because no one knows your needs better than you do.

Women on phone with care guide smiling

Your Health Control Center

Manage Your Health All In One Place

Understand Your Appointments
Monitor upcoming appointment dates, identify healthcare providers, and arrange transportation.
Take Full Advantage of Your Benefits
Keep track of your health plan benefits and discover how to optimize their utilization to get the most out of your plan.
Condition-Specific Education
Explore customized health education materials, from articles to interactive tools, to enhance your knowledge and self-care.
Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to the commonly asked questions about Porter and how you can experience stress free health today.
Navigating the healthcare system can be complex and overwhelming, but with Porter, it doesn’t have to be. Our Care Guides navigate you through the process, ensuring that it remains stress-free for you. We understand that each person’s health is unique, and so should their care.
Your Care Guide is your reliable healthcare ally, adept at navigating the intricacies of healthcare. They are a real human who excels in scheduling appointments, ensuring you have the essential healthcare supplies, and, most importantly, listening to and addressing your unique health needs.
No, you have only one dedicated Care Guide who is your steadfast partner in managing your healthcare needs. This single point of contact ensures continuity and provides personalized support throughout your healthcare journey.
Your Care Guide serves as a care coordination expert, helping you maximize your benefits by scheduling appointments, identifying specialists, and keeping you updated on your health plan coverage. They go beyond medical care, addressing issues like food insecurity, transportation, and bills, while also keeping your support network informed.
If your health plan includes Porter, using our services is completely free for you.
If Porter has been included in your health plan, you would have been notified through email, phone, or physical mail. For additional information or to confirm, you can contact your health plan directly. You can also reach out to a Care Guide at 1-800-558-9922 for assistance and clarification.
Your In-Home Assessment can be scheduled at your convenience. Your dedicated Care Guide will collaborate with you to determine a suitable time that aligns with your schedule, ensuring a smooth process and making every effort to make it comfortable for you.
An In-Home Assessment, while optional, enables us to provide personalized care tailored to individual health needs and plans. It offers valuable benefits, even for those in good health, by tailoring healthcare to your living environment and identifying potential health risks early.
Yes, the results of your In-Home Assessment will be shared with your healthcare provider and care circle. This keeps everyone involved in your care informed and better equipped to provide you with the personalized care you deserve.
You can find out if you’re eligible for an In-Home Assessment by reaching out to us directly. Simply give us a call, and we’ll provide you with the necessary information. Alternatively, you can contact the member services for your health plan, and they’ll guide you on your eligibility for an In-Home Assessment.
Yes, we collaborate with your Primary Care Physician and other healthcare providers by scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, and assisting you in finding new providers within your network, ensuring comprehensive support throughout your healthcare journey.
Yes, we engage with your entire care circle, including family and physicians, to ensure that you and all those who support you are well-informed and involved in your care.

Accessing the Porter Portal is easy. Simply click the “MEMBER SIGN IN” button located in the top right corner of the page, and you’ll be on your way to your portal account. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your Care Guide for help.

If you’re a member, you can reach out to Porter by calling  1-800-558-9922 or emailing us at [email protected]. For all other inquiries, please use the contact box below to get in touch with us.

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