Porter Expands to Impact Risk Adjustment Through New Care at Home Intervention

Successful Transition of Care Management is all about seamlessly transitioning the patient from hospital to home in a way that improves patient outcomes, reduces costs on all parties & prevents readmittance.  This involves a number of activities that are intended to efficiently and effectively meet the individual needs of today’s patients. Porter has created a unique Transition of Care Management Platform enabling Payers & Healthcare Providers to extend their influence of care and leverage existing risk adjustment investments.  Porter is actively working with Payers & Health systems to solve common challenges in the value-based care environment.

Porter’s Platform

Porter’s Transition of Care Management Platform offers a comprehensive ecosystem of healthcare solutions in a single, integrated platform. The platform pulls evaluations and data from a sizable healthcare database using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Peer reviews are strengthened by this information, giving members the knowledge they need to make wise selections. Additionally, the AI-enhanced marketplace dynamically adjusts suggestions based on the factors that members’ unique health decisions value the most. 

Here are a few features & benefits:

Navigable Knowledge Journey

Visit a safe, welcoming online health community of peers and specialists, as well as a navigable knowledge journey of curated content:

  • The buying experience is driven by searchable instructional information, and personalized content recommendations.
  • Private online health communities that are dependable and encouraging 
  • Specialized self-evaluation tools that can be distributed to caregivers

Marketplace of Services & Products

Find dependable vendors, vetted partners, and high-quality care-at-home services and supplies.

  • Outcome-driven, personalized recommendations; community- and outcome-harmonized service and product reviews 
  • AI-enhanced product comparisons
  • Optional financing
  • Individualized shopping lists for services and goods depending on member requirements

Coverage Insights

Discover and comprehend your unique third-party coverage insight, and distinctly pinpoint the best value for out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • In-Network Facilities and Providers
  • Leveraging Federal Mandates for Payer Transparency, 
  • Smarter Use of Members’ Out-of-Pocket Expenses, 
  • Pricing and Insurance Coverage Information, 
  • In-Network Facilities and Providers

24/7/365 Porter Care Guide

Use your Porter Care Guide, which is available 24/7/365, to navigate the healthcare system and explore additional premium services,. 

  • Finding and coordinating the appropriate care 
  • Assisting with decision-making 
  • Saving time, effort, and frustration
  • Outlining insurance benefits, coverage, and procedures 
  • Supporting the entire family

Porter Providing the Best Transition of Care Management Platform 

Porter’s Transition of Care Management Platform is a Subscription for Navigating Lifelong Health Care Journeys. Health Plans Purchase a Premium Porter Subscription for their Members as a Benefit, VAIS or for Use as a Care Management Intervention.

  • Reduction in Inpatient, Outpatient & Professional Medical Costs
  • Improve Member Retention and Drive Growth
  • Leverage Existing Risk Adjustment Investments
  • Quality Improvement and Member Experience

Porter provides a robust set of administrative and reporting tools to provide line of sight to utilization patterns and outcomes data for health plan staff.

Improve your Transition of Care Management Today:

Care management is an essential part of transitioning patients to an at-home focused care plan. Our goal is to ease this transition while reducing costs and increasing the quality of care. If you’re looking for the best transition of care management platform in [acf field=”state”], Porter is the best choice. AI driven solutions are the future of healthcare. Our platform utilizes this data to provide a modern health ecosystem. Interested in our unique healthcare solutions? Contact us today.

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